How much does Membership cost?

3 Years $13.20 *** 5 Years $16.50 *** 10 Years $25.00

To become a member you will need to complete a Membership application form.  These forms are available at reception at the Club, or they can be printed directly from the link below.

Download Application form  (Please complete all highlighted areas on application form).

Once the form is completed you will need to come into the Club to lodge your application. You will need to bring photo identification (such as a drivers licence, passport, photocard) with current address, as well as your membership fee.

What does Membership give you?

- Save up to 15% on Food and Beverage in the club
- The Member Rewards Program

- Free Courtesy Bus 
- Free Entertainment
- Weekly Raffles
- Off street parking


Privacy Policy
The Club is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 and is committed to safeguarding personal information provided by Members, Visitors and Staff. We will not disclose your personal information unless there is a threat to life, health or safety. Your personal information may, with your permission, be used by the Club for marketing purposes. You also have the right to access the personal information we hold about you.

For further information please contact the Club Administration:-
41 The Boulevarde, Toronto
Telephone (02) 4959 2411


How do bonus points work?

Bonus points are a loyalty based program for the benefit of members. You can earn bonus points on bar purchases by providing your membership card to the staff at the time of purchase. You can also earn bonus pointsin other areas of the Club.  Please ask staff for details.

How do I know how many points I have?

There are three ways of finding out. Via the kiosk (swipe machine) located in the top reception area by swiping your card and entering your personal indentification number. By asking a staff member when making a Club purchases or by inserting your card in the gaming machines.

What can I do with my points?
You can redeem your points via the kiosk and purchase items from the showcase or redeem for Coles/Woolworths shopping vouchers. You can also use your points to make Club purchases such as drinks and food. If you wish to do this option please inform the staff at the time of purchase that you wish to pay by points and the points will be automatically deducted from your card.