Courtesy Bus

Have a great night out at Toronto Diggers & take advantage of our

FREE Courtesy Bus!


Pick up - Thursday & Friday from 4.15pm -6.30pm
- Saturday from 4.15pm-7.30pm

Drop off - Thursday & Friday from 7.30pm
- Saturday from 8.30pm


Call Club for details - 49 592411

Courtesy Bus Rules

Members utilising the Toronto Diggers Courtesy Bus are expected to abide by the following rules:
Seat Belts must be worn.
• ONLY patrons of Toronto Diggers can use this service;
• Arrival and Departure times may vary, but the club will endeavour to meet times outlined (members are requested to be waiting outside their pick-up address where possible);
• No food or beverage of any sort is permitted to be taken onto the courtesy bus.
• The general rules of Toronto Diggers apply to the courtesy bus (eg: intoxication, offensive behaviour and foul language is not permitted);
• The courtesy bus is NON SMOKING;
• Rules are subject to change to comply with any relevant legislation required
• The driver will determine the most efficient route to and from the club/residence (the service will only be run as far as the areas shown and members will not be dropped at other licenced venues)

Do not complain to driver that you want to be dropped off first.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in disciplinary action by the club